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Thanks for visiting SWAMP DONKEY ADVENTURES!  My name is Chet and I am your guide for your Moose Adventure. I have lived in NH my entire life and I love it here. I have been fortunate to grow up in an area where I could explore the outdoors and enjoy all it has to offer.

I have been enjoying and hunting this great state since the age of 14. I drew my first moose tag in NH in 2005 and ever since I have been hooked and fascinated by this unbelievable animal. Prior to my first Moose hunt in 2005 I had always thought of Moose as a foolish looking dumb animal, until I hunted them and soon realized that this animal was the exact opposite.

It was then that I decided to learn as much as I could about this animal. So I decided to read articles and record every Moose show I could come across, I learned where they lived during different times of the year, what they ate as the seasons changed, I started to use that knowledge in my favor and started to watch and video them, I listened to them and started to understand what they were saying even when they were not saying anything at all. Their expressions in different situations spoke louder then the sounds they would make.  

This knowledge brings me here today, a Moose hunting guide, in the great state of NH. It is here where I found a passion for not only the outdoors but for the largest of all deer species in North America, the Moose!

Although we cannot and will not ever guarantee that you will see moose I do want you to know that I am a very confident guide and the odds of seeing a moose or several moose along with other wildlife is very good.

Now, with that being said, we offer several tours for you to choose from or you can choose all three, from a relaxing day on the water to a stealthy in your face moose hunt.

If you have never seen a moose or you just can't get enough of them (like me) then give us a call and have an Adventure of your own, on a Swamp Donkey Adventure!

Why Hire Me

The reasons you should hire me are simple, the areas that I guide I know very well, I know where the moose are located, I know when they are there and why they are there. I have been lucky enough to live in this great state all my life, born and raised here and will probably die here. I have a great passion for moose and I want nothing more then to share that with you.

2012 NH Moose Hunt - A Success!!
Client, Mike and his son Jim Toon!

"Chet-I want to thank you for the wonderful hunt my son and I enjoyed in N.H. We got to see your enthusiasm for moose firsthand. Your website is not an exaggeration. We were able to experience an exciting adventure in an area of the country which we had not yet visited. You were able to put us on a bull the first morning of the hunt. To bad we had an antlerless permit. Then on the second afternoon of the hunt, we harvested our cow. Getting the cow out with your rope and snatch block system was interesting, but worked. Thanks again for the opportunity to hunt with you,
Mike Toon, Trout Run, PA."

If you choose to hire Swamp Donkey Adventures for your tour or hunt I will do my best not only explain what they do but why they do it so you too can get a deeper knowledge and understanding of this great creature. I do not claim to be an expert on or know everything there is to know about moose and my opinions may differ then someone elses, but everything I know, I know because I took the time to learn, I spent the endless hours in the woods watching moose!  Not every moose acts the same, so when we are on a tour or on a hunt, it is very important that you have a guide that is confident! I can find Moose!

Swamp Donkey Adventures
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