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Guided Hunts

Moose Hunts
The third Saturday in October kicks off the annual Moose hunt here in NH.

I guide several, Wildlife Management Units (WMU's) B and C2! Will consider guiding WMU's other then the 2 mentioned. My goal is to get you as close as possible to these animals so you can take a safe and ethical shot no matter what your weapon of choice.  I have called bulls into within 15 feet! If that's not close enough for you, then I am not your guy!

Guided Hunt North
WMU B and C2


Congrats to John Wieloch Jr and his father!  "2011"

"I Will Find You Your Moose!!"
Starting in 2014 I will be guiding for trophy bulls only, I will no longer accept antlerless only permit holders, this is due to the declining number of moose in the state. This is a choice I have made! Over the past couple of years the antlerless only permits have climbed in an attempt to reduce tick population, which is also decimating our moose population! So from now on, I will only be guiding WMUs B and C2 for trophy Bulls only.

Northern NH holds some of the largest moose in the state with several State record Bulls taken each year. Both of these areas produce giant bulls each and every year and we will be hunting these great areas. The sheer number of moose that live here amazes me. Although I cannot guarantee you will take an animal, I can guarantee you that I have and will continue to put 150% into getting you, your moose. If we take all the right steps and precautions, take pride in what we do, and respect the animal we are after I am confident that we will be successful!

What's included; Guide, Transportation from a recommended lodging location listed on this site, to the hunting area and back for 2 hunters. If you decide to stay at lodging area other then ones listed on this site it will be up to you to meet me at agreed upon time and location. I will assist in field dressing, tagging and registration if desired

Things not included with Northern WMU'S hunt; Lodging, Meals, hunting license and permits


When you are on a guided hunt you want to make sure you have a backpack with the basic essentials like a compass, flashlight, maybe a few hand warmer packets, lunch, water and most importantly, your drivers, moose and hunting licenses along with your moose tags. For the 9-day hunt it is important to have the following

A good pair of warm RUBBER boots
Some good quiet raingear
A couple pair gloves
A compass (Mandatory)
Whistle (Mandatory)
A flashlight with extra batteries
A set of quiet warm weather hunting clothes (no jeans) and a set of quiet cold weather hunting clothes I recommend camouflage!
Some article of hunter orange, like a hat or vest for visibility reasons, so we and other hunters can see you.
Meals are not included in the hunt so you might want to bring any meals and snacks with you.
Hunting licenses and moose permits for both permitee and sub-permitee holders.

Guided Hunts

WMU's B and C2
Without Lodging       $2600.00
With Lodging             $3100.00

If you are interested in hiring me with the lodging included, I will choose and set up all lodging for 2 people, you just show up!

Maybe your not interested in hiring a guide for the entire 9-day hunt, maybe you want to give it your all and hunt on your own for the entire hunt. If you get towards the end of the hunt and decide you want to hire me for a couple days then I have 2 options the

Daily Hunt, which is $400.00 a day when hired by the day.


Remainder Hunt

The remainder hunt is just that. You can hire me for the remainder of the hunt at a reduced rate; if my fully guided client gets their moose early I will guide you for the remaining

Lodging Not Included

WMU-B & C2 Rates

7 days for $2250.00
6 days for $1950.00
5 days for $1650.00
4 days for $1350.00
3 days for $1050.00
2 days for $750.00
1 day for $400.00

Both Remainder and Daily hunts include assistance with dressing and removal of animal if successful.

All hunts require a 50% non-refundable deposit when booking hunt. Both Permittee and sub-permittee must completely fill-out, sign and return both release forms to: Swamp Donkey Adventures, 174 Switch Rd, Andover, NH 03216 within 30 days of booking hunt.

Swamp Donkey Adventures
174 Switch Rd. Andover, NH 03216