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Moose Licks
Moose Licks Tour, May 6th- July 31st

If you are interested in seeing moose but are not excited about getting on the water or going on a long hike we can sit roadside. during this same time last spring I videoed over 40 different moose in a 30 day period, so this is also a great way to see moose! Moose tend to look shaggy and in pretty rough shape this time of year for a number of reasons including having a long tough winter but mostly because they are just losing their winter coat.

Moose will frequent mud holes on roadsides called Licks, these licks have collected salt that was put down by plow trucks throughout the winter. This salt is a huge part of the Moose diet this time of year. They crave and seek out these licks and also sodium rich plants to replenish their low levels.

Seeing moose is inevitable, but this requires patience, as you may have to sit for a couple hours. You will also have to be fast with the camera, as they sometimes do not seem to hang around long, other times they have no worries and allow you to take several great pictures.

Key times of day for Moose Licks are dawn to 9:30am or 6:30 to dusk; these are the best times to see moose on the move both to and from these roadside licks.


Again, not much needed here.

Bring a good camera maybe a set of good binoculars any food or beverages you may want (no alcohol).

Extra layers of clothing can prove to be a bonus due to chilly mornings.


Moose Licks Tour Rates

May 6th- July 31st
$35.00 per person, 2-person min, 3 person max

Morning or Evening Tours, up to 3 hours
Local (WMU-G only)

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