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Moose Tracks
Moose Tracks Tours, July. 1st-Sept. 16th

Moose tracks; are for the people who want to actually get into the deep woods to observe moose, but also want to get their heart pumping at the same time. We will hike into areas known for moose. We may spot several cow or Bull Moose or we may not see any moose at all. Out of the three tours that I provide this is the one that I enjoy the most, but it's also the one that has the greatest potential, to see nothing!

It's also the most rewarding when you do see moose. The fact that you hiked in, while being as quiet as possible, to an area that hold moose is a great feeling.

Spotting moose this time of year takes lots of patience, Moose may bed down for several hours at a time in a shaded mud hole if the temps are warm. I have had very good luck finding moose this time of year, so anyone wanting to go on moose tracks just keep in mind, moose can be very hard to find this time of year.

The antlers start to get itchy as the blood flow stops, so the bulls start to rub their antlers on brush and trees in an effort to clear their summer velvet, most bulls are clear of velvet by mid Sept.

As it gets closer to mid September I will start to do a little light calling, to see if the bulls are responding yet. The best time to find these animals are early in the morning and in the evening just before dark. I will take up to 3 people at one time.

On moose tracks, scent and noise control are critical, any precautions that you can take before hand (like washing clothes in scent killer, and remaining smoke free) can dramatically increase chances of sightings.

Sept. 16th - Late Oct. is my Scouting time, I will not bring anyone out during this time.

During this time period I may bring trail cameras out and install them in areas where I think moose may frequent on a regular basis. The yearly moose hunt is closing in so I put out these cameras in hopes of catching some nice bulls on the move, I have placed a couple of these trail pictures on the site so you can see what we might be after and they will change on a yearly basis.


On a moose track tour, bring the normal things such as camera and binoculars and a compass. You will be in a variety of terrains from rocks to mud and even crossing streams, with that in mind you might consider bringing a pair of high rubber boots or at the very least a good pair of waterproof boots. You might also want to consider bringing a backpack (earthy colors preferred) so you can bring your food or snacks and drinks including water (again, no alcohol). This can be a walk in the park or a heart pounding hike and you can really work up a thirst.


Moose Tracks Tour Rates

Local WMU-G

July 1st-Sept. 1st   $150.00 per person, up to 4 hours, 3 person max

Sept. 2nd-Sept. 25th   $200.00 per person, up to 4 hours, 3 person max I will be calling during this time!

Northern WMU-B, C1 and D1

July 1st-Sept. 1st   $300.00 per person, Min. of 4 hours, Max. of 6 hours.  3-person slot max

Sept. 2nd-Sept. 30th   $400.00 per person, Min. of 4 hours, Max. of 6 hours.  3-person slot max. I will be calling during this time!

All Northern Tours require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking tour.  All clients must completely fill-out, sign and return both release forms to: Swamp Donkey Adventures, 174 Switch Rd, Andover, NH 03216 within 30 days of booking tour.

Swamp Donkey Adventures
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